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A Billionaire says Everything is POSSIBLE in life and business

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The book is the biography of Dan Abraham. Interesting stories and certainly is very inspirational. His net worth (according to the book) is USD $ 500 million ... A mind-blowing amount of wealth. The most breath-taking is his journey in life in helping mankind to be better now and even better in the future. KEY TAKEAWAY: Everything is Possible: Life and Business Lessons from a Self-Made Billionaire and the Founder of Slim-Fast (more…)

By Billy Chan, ago

MIFW 2011 – QUIN

“The Malaysia International Fashion Week (MIFW) is the definitive fashion event in Malaysia. It is a highly visible platform where both established and up-and-coming local designers are invited to showcase their talents. Started in 2003, MIFW serves to promote Malaysia as a fashion capital. It is an annual week-long event that takes place in November. To provide more international exposure, foreign designers and models are also invited to participate in MIFW. In recent years, the MIFW has become an avenue for South East Asian and Asian designers to showcase their collections. MIFW is mainly trade driven and designers are given the opportunity to grow their fashion enterprises overseas via trade meetings with international fashion buyers, industry peers, and international media. The shows and gala nights of the MIFW attract an A-list group comprising royalties, corporate moguls and personalities, socialites and celebrities.” – (more…)

By Billy Chan, ago
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