Halloween at Gurney Plaza

There are 2 Halloween Party happening in town; one of it is in Queensbay Mall and the other one is in Gurney Plaza. Made up my mind to go to the one in Gurney because it will be ongoing until 12 midnight whereas the one in Queensbay will end as early as 10pm. However, there is no much thing that is "so-happening" in Gurney. Haiz .... Here is some of the photos that I took on that night.

Horror Boy


By Billy Chan, ago

Pre-wedding of Edmund & Sharon

This is Edmund and his lovely wife, Sharon. Both of them are really talented in posing in front of the camera and also, not to mention how photogenic they are. Not to forget Kelly, Edmund (The another Edmund, this might be kinda confusing) and Sze Ming who come along that day as the bridesmaid and best man. Here is the compilation of their pre-wedding photographs. Sharon is so happy on reaching our first location of Read more…

By Billy Chan, ago
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