Shopping Singapore

Somewhere near Bugis Junction. Saw this interesting mural.Very artistic indeed. Chinatown busy street especially few days before Chinese New Year. Fountain of Wealth. Singapore at night. On top of Skypark Marina Bay interior. Esplanade. Merlion

Marcus Tan Love Eunice Ng

Photography session with Marcus and Eunice on a rainy day at Straits Quay. Strait Quay is an interesting seafront hangout place that just opened in Penang. Shady cloud makes it perfect for portrait shooting as the light is just soft enough. The next good point about the weather is that my models don’t really sweat too much and this makes them feel more natural throughout the whole photography session that lasts for about 3 hours. The only problem with Strait Quay is chairs. They do not provide any chairs for the shoppers. I wonder how will their customer keep on walking for the whole day without the need to rest their pity legs.


Shooting the Shooters at Kulim Shooting Club

Pro-shooter Leong Wei Heng aka “sifu”. Look at the way he hold the shotgun. Believe me that this is not an easy “gun” that you think it is; just imagine that this gun weighted at 8lb or 3.5kg (minus the bullet). The event that I am covering for that day is “Soon Cheng Sai Trophy 2011” happening at Kulim Shooting Club. This might be something new to everyone to think that shooting isn’t legal in Malaysia. Actually, they are illegal to own a gun or even a piece of bullet (if the police found that in your house, you will be pretty deep shit). Unless with proper permits from the government, you can actually own them legally. Please do not misuse this to kill any innocent people like me 🙂 Getting the permit is one of the hassle, the next is to get your cash dry to purchase one. A piece of information from my friend is that the most basic gun priced at RM 30,000. That will be the bad news. The good news is that Kulim Shooting Club actually provide the facility to loan their guns to anyone who interested to join with lifetime member fee of one thousand plus per person. By this, you will be able to shoot legally for life.


Halloween Event at G Hotel

This is the Biggest Halloween party that I had been covering so far. There are approximate 300 horror Draculas and pretty angels attended this party. Do expect this to be very grand event and I really have an enjoyable time walking around taking photos of interesting candid 🙂


Boris HC Grand Opening

My friend, Alan opened a hair academy at Desa Damai, Bukit Mertajam. He is so talented and do give good hair cut and hair styling advice for both guys and gals. You guys should drop by and do visit him at Boris HC. Thanks for inviting me over for your grand open ceremony. Below are some of the highlight from the event (** Only have time to post this after few weeks).


Exotic Creature : Low Light Photography

Water Dragon @ Shutter speed 1/100, f/4, ISO 800

Photography exotic creature such as the water dragon kept in a glass enclosure with only one light source can be achieve by this simple tips. You can set your camera to be as fast as possible. This can be achieve by setting your camera to use high ISO (say ISO 800 to 1600; higher ISO will result of grainy image) and larger aperture (say f/1.8). To make low light photography possible with longer exposure time, you should consider to use a tripod most of the time. Here is few sample shots of exotic pet in this post.