This year is the year of the Rat. I’ve grown up with these 3 interesting rats in my life. At a point, it can be entertaining and joyful. Yet, looking at each of them, great learning can be learned. These 3 interesting mice that both inspired and accompanied me are… 

  1. Mickey Mouse who is one of the world most famous and expensive mouse. It had created a better image of the mouse; from the perception of the black and dirty little one. Mickey symbolized the magical world of possibilities in life. Everything happens is magical and full of surprises. At a time, the situation is fixed, yet the way how you perceive the situation is not. Your interpretation of the situation is your own little magic.  
  2. Jerry who is a little brown mouse who has a great time with Tom. Jerry is agile, smart and positive in all aspect of his life; living with endless adventure and excitement. For every challenge that he faces, it is a new fun for him; from avoiding traps to hunting for good food. Treat your day to day life as a challenging game. Relax, have great fun and above all, learn and explore as you go.
  3. Finally, there is Remy in Ratatouille. Remy is highly passionate and courageous in pursuing his dream to be a chef. Remy put his own opinion of his own strength and opinion above others, even those with higher authority. Look in deep into yourself, find the brightest light within you. There is a spark that tick within you. Believe in yourself and above all, take the right action. Heading down the right path is challenging, yet the right path is the one that makes you shine even brighter. 

Look at this 3 little mice. They are small and there is much wisdom that we can learn from them.Let me know in the comment, your personal thought or the rat that influenced you. 


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