The Retirement Billy Belief

The Retirement

Once we are born into this world, we have zero thoughts of retirement come to the picture in our life. Retirement doesn’t come up for most until after graduation right after started to enter the workforce. When we were young, we had lived our day by seeking for abundance enjoyment and happiness. Such as the delicious food for lunch or the evening fun-filled activity of a hide-and-seek game with our neighbourhood friends. Happiness had been our daily achievement. There was no delay gratification of waiting the happy day to come on retirement day. As we grew, our parents, the society norm clouded us with concepts based on their true life experience. The values and beliefs have shaped us in a unique way. 

We begin to understand deeper by asking ourself; clarifying questions. However, is it a good question to ask – When is your retirement? How is your retirement? What is your retirement? Or… The purpose of retirement?

For me. Retirement starts today, the day I committed myself in finding joy in everything that I do. Retirement starts when I stop sacrificing today; the only moment I have for some imaginary tomorrow. 

At one point in life, I had defined retirement as a milestone when I found the one thing that I love that I’m willing to do for the rest of my life. However, one drawback for that definition lies in its condition – “when”. That’s imaginary and vague, yet my urge always set the bar higher and higher. Making the imaginary checkpoint one leap behind the goal. Nonetheless, my thought was right at that moment, and I am evolving every day.

Right now as you are reading, I pondered. For me. Retirement is a transition point to the right state of mind. The process of cultivating the right thought in me. It defines my mindset for the move toward in appreciating of small bite-size of achievement. I believe. My accomplishment is not the most important. The most important thing is that I’ve put my best effort today, living in the right mindset.

The path of giving the best in me has been bringing me closer to the enjoyment of happiness, living the road of daily progress. 

My retirement has begun. It started with the transition of my mindset focusing on living my fullest potential and focusing on the matter that most important to me; happiness, family, positivity and life-long learning. 

What your retirement? 

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