Did you ever go through a mental checklist of your strength and weakness?

We usually get over-worried on our weakness. Yet underestimated our strength. It is not just how we think we think. It was the thoughts that we are taught to think. The education system that ranked us based on scores encourages us to look at our weaknesses in a more profound way than our strengths. Sadly to say, most of us got penalized for not “doing good enough”. Even our parent looks at such indicator to subscribe us to the “right” tuition. Over and over, I remember that my parent (and most of the other parents) told me to buckle up for those subjects that I’m not doing so well at. Whereas, there is a lack of praise for those that I did well. My perception is to give sufficient credit to the success and encourage reflection on the failure. 

I believe. Everyone has their own unique valuable strength. Of course, everyone does come with an enormous weakness as well. No one is perfect. 

I believe. Putting an unlimited focus on our strength makes us a uniquely greater person. The strength is possible developed because of passion or some biological wiring that makes us better in that way. It might be the exposed experience that we went through life that makes us better in one part than the other. There is a strong drive that makes us so unique than others in comparison. 

On the other hand, is it a “time well spent” to put the focus on your weakness which you excel a little; just being mediocre. For the sake to “impress” people that value your weakness more than your strength. It is not a good investment to work on your weakness to impress people that you do not like. What say you? 

This is the analogue I used to describe. There is a sushi chef that serves fantastic, Michelin star quality Japanese food. All of his customers love his cooking. He has 5 stars rating all over the internet. He is an awesome chef However, he cooks awful Chinese food. 

Does he need to spend time to learn Chinese cooking? His mastery in the art of Japanese food is more than sufficient to serve his customer. His skillset serves his purpose. He is happy. His customer is happy. He must be happy about his achievement.

Focus on amplifying your strengths, it makes your other weaknesses irrelevant. Be a world-class master over average Jacks. 


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