It must be the human ego to be smart and to be right all the time. Our smartness is bounded by the vast information from the years of experience, combined with the knowledge that we had learned in our life journey. That smart substance is hard fused in our mind as part of our belief system and values. Thus, agreeing with the external perspective, at some point, is in conflict with ours. 

As human as I’m. I do feed on the essential to be right as per “my perception” and “my thought”. Especially, when digesting the perception among the people that are most close to me. Being close and living in proximity creates a certain form of assumption toward them. Those assumptions generate a form of expectation. As usual, I expect them to accept my thinking. The ideology of “Be Right” sound not as much; sustainable. As much as I do not want to compensate for my happiness for the feeling to feel right. There must be a much sustainable approach.

Therefore. A better principle is the choice to be much more than be right. 

When I’m faced with a choice to react. I’ll dwell into the actual context by actually let the thought to sink in my mind for at least 3-seconds. This encourages the next level of critical thinking, weighing both the outcome and the output. Then, I’ll ask myself, “Do I want to be RIGHT. Or Do I want to be HAPPY?” Although, many times, the two are mutually exclusive. These simple action would clarify my thought process at that time. Forcing my brain to react smartly toward the situation. The outcome might be in disagreement with a supporting point. The outcome may be to put myself in their shoe or as well as internalize on the learning opportunity that I can have in the situation. Maybe, no reaction required. Everyone is ALWAYS right in their own world, although that is not the single right answer in the world. Be sympathy and understanding as much I would.

Being right and putting force in defending our positions takes a humongous amount of energy. This action often alienates us from the people in our lives. To be right or putting someone else to be wrong; encourages others to become defensive and also putting pressure on us to keep defending our stand. We had spent much of unnecessary energy yet burning the happy relationship for the needs to be right. Ironically, how much happiness or pleasure that we get for being right? 1 month? 1 week? 1 day? Or just 1 minute after the heaty debate? My personal encounter, it is almost not long.

There is no need to discount your happiness or compensate for the happiness of the other due to the small stuff. We are intelligent human. Do use a bit of our intelligent and have the state of “win-win mindset” in each action that we take. 

Choose to be a peaceful person by understanding that being right is almost never more important than allowing yourself to be happy. One way toward happiness is simply let go and reach out more. Let other people be right, doesn’t mean that you’re wrong. All is in your state of inner peace. Everything will be fine. The peace of letting go, as well as seeing the joy of letting others be right.

Emphasize on to be “Happy more than to be Right.” Hope this resonates and provide information for your thought and decision. Although there is no control over the situation, we do have control over the choice to choose our right action.

Billy Beliefs in inner happiness more than to be right!

Part of the wisdom is extracted from Richard Carlson’s book. You can get Richard’s book from Amazon: Click Here


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