Did you notice deep inside your head, there is this little voice keep talking to you?

Yes. I bet you have it as I had it myself.

There is this self-talk that constantly reminding me about my to-do list. As well as my personal success indicator of my personal growth. These mental thoughts had been keeping me occupied with the what-if I do not do it today when this is going to finish. If I don’t do it now, it might be a delay and prolong my goals, because I can do it today then I must do it today’s thoughts were running wild in my mind. It fed my worry, yet burn my self-confidence. There are also times I kept on doing mindlessly because it can occupy my void time.


These small voices that speak to me had crafted the way I lead my life. It formed my habit of endless doing for the sake of doing. Until I read the wisdom from the late Richard Carlson.

He says,

“Remind Yourself that When You Die, Your “In Basket” Won’t Be Empty”

100% true. Instead of choosing to live in fear of missing out. Fear that I do not fully utilize my time. I must keep myself reminded to live my life purposefully. All the doings can wait. The doing will out-live me.


June 2019 is the last time I had the opportunity to talk to my grandmother. Her cheerful personality sitting on her chair while fiddling with her smooth old hands wearing her favourite one-piece dress is still vividly animating in my mind. During her last moment before she leaves the physical world, I gazed through the transparent glass that separates us apart. That moment, I pondered, everyone is destined to leave this world. Leaving everything that we know, everything that we love, everything that we hate, everything stays; except for our own self; spirit and wisdom. It is the law of the universe.


That day, I dwelled deeper on the wisdom of “your “In Basket” won’t be empty”. That moment I choose to live my life with these additional principles.

  1. To truly live the life that I wanted to live. Even it means I can if I wanted to,  just sit back and relax focusing on nothing other than enjoying the moment.
  2. To focus on the eternal wisdom growth, rather than mere mediocre output.
  3. Finding for the possible challenges in my doing which eventually leading to the path of freedom.


“Remember, when you die, there will still be unfinished business to take care of. And you know what? Someone else will do it for you! Don’t waste any more precious moments of your life regretting the inevitable.”, as Richard said.


I’m writing articles as a reminder to clarify my thought. I also wanted to pass this wisdom to my readers and my children.


Please live your life with purpose. Just worry about the most important thing. In fact, we do not need to jump because society says so. Even your parent says so. Spend at least 3 seconds to digest before you decide. Surely, it is not a lack of time, yet the lack of clear direction.


Billy Beliefs in purposeful living!


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