The butterfly in your life.

The butterfly is a beautiful creature. Butterflies have been universally used to symbolize beauty, freedom and kindness. However, do you know that all butterflies were once caterpillar? They are born as caterpillars, then change into pupae which give rise to a butterfly (or moth).

Therefore, to me, the butterfly is also a metaphor for growth and transformation.

Naturally, butterflies are all out there in the wild. It is fascinating to own butterfly as a pet. The pet that we can wake up to admire their beauty and even play with them. Owning a butterfly as a pet is a simple concept. However, simplicity does bring along with its sophistication.

Owning a butterfly

There are several ways in which you can own butterflies.

One traditional way is to go out to a place where butterfly crowd to find them. With a small net, you are now able to capture them. With some determination, you may even end up catching the types butterfly to your liking.

The subsequent process probably involved caging them up so that you can enjoy and admire them every day.  However, as all butterflies have their own life span, with the longest being 12 months. Before you lose them, you will need to go out hunting again. This process repeats again and again. And the reality is – that is only so much you can enjoy them – the seemingly pitiful butterflies that are thwarted freedom by the cage.

But wait, there surely should be a better way of owning butterflies, which allows us to enjoy butterflies without needing to repeatedly hunt and cage them.

Yes. The answer to it is to build a beautiful flower garden, which is a favourite environment for the butterfly. This way, we no longer need to capture them, instead, we are attracting them to come. This concept is simple and yet permanent.

We start it small by planning a small garden, step-by-step, having a clear focus on building a more sustainable butterfly garden. The effort spends for both capturing the butterfly and building a comfortable living environment for it, is the same. Perhaps, the capturing activity appears to allow you to get the result faster. While building the butterfly garden may take a longer time, but, they surely yield a more sustainable outcome.

The Garden In You

Well, isn’t the above story resembles on many things we want in our life?

The butterflies can symbolize anything from money, wealth, health, love, freedom, relationship, etc, etc. In the realm of the material world we live in today, such items become the target we chase in everyday life. While some may have met with some success, others are tired, depressed, annoyed and withdrawing after spending exhaustive energy to “capture” them. Here is the turning point, why not we build a “garden” that attract them into our lives, just as we did for butterflies? What is such a “garden” in our context?

Dwell deep to ask ourselves, what is the focus that we need to give? What are the actions that we can take? What about our state of mind, skill, know-how, and, above all the positive mindset and attitude we carry in us in our day to day life? Do they truly reflect who we are? And so we always attract what we are into our life.  I think those are the elements we stay focused to attain and act in order to build a sustainable “garden” in us which in turn attract the intended “butterflies” into our life.


I credit this remarkable learning to KF Chong. He is an inspirational Lean Consultant and the author of Lean Management: The Essence of Efficiency Road to Profitability Power of Sustainability.

You can find his book in Amazon here.

p.s. KF Chong is the editor for this post. Thanks.


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