5 Reasons why presentation fail

No Power.

  1. You perceive that the audience is BIGGER than you. However, you and the audience is the same, the matter a fact is that you are bigger than them.
  2. You come with a mission to pass meaningful knowledge and information that they do not know to them.
  3. YOU come in and assume a role during your presentation. It can be:
    1. You are an Advisor
    2. You are a coach
    3. You are an Expert in that area
  4. NOTE: The people that attending, need your expert advice and knowledge.

No Presence

  1. You need to be aware of where you are. IMPORTANT to be aware of where the audience is.
  2. You need to exist in your words through (telling, visual and sound)
  3. You need to connect with great EYE CONTACT on every corner of the room.
  4. Then maintain a good POSTURE by chest up and hand at a middle section of your body.

No Point.

  1. Come in with your point.
  2. MORE importantly, is to come in and understand the HOOK of the other person.
  3. What is the hook (the key point that resonates with them)
  4. It is about the audience getting the information. Now you do your job and delivery it.
  5. The deliverable must align with the call for action.

No Pause. 

  1. Experiment – Pause for clarity
  2. Experiment – Pause to get question back.
  3. Take a breath and count for 3-seconds before continue.

No Picture.

  1. Use highlight, Color smartly to illustrate your key point in each of the content.
  2. VISUAL FOCUS such as Title and Color
  3. Highlight the key point that you want to convey. Rather than just plain data.


This is the key points from Marianna Pascal’s 1-hour education.

You can check out her website at https://www.burnerbyte.com/MariannaPascal

Mar­i­anna Pas­cal helps peo­ple com­mu­ni­cate effec­tively in spo­ken and writ­ten Eng­lish. She has trained cor­po­rate clients and universitystu­dents in groups rang­ing from two to 400 participants.

Marianna’s spe­cial abil­ity is in rais­ing the con­fi­dence non-native speak­ers of Eng­lish, enabling them to make a bet­ter impres­sion, gar­ner more respect, and attract greater suc­cess.

Her popular TED talk is in youtube:

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