I’m writing my daily practice serves as a guide to lead my daily life. The focus is to have 1% improvement every day on this 3 focus areas…

Physical to involve kind of exercise to maintain my healthy body. As of June 2017, it has been my daily habit to have 10-min of exercise once I open my eye every morning (except for recently which I’m really out of focus). I want to have a good body to take care of myself and also the people around me. You would not be able to enjoy if when you are sick.

Mental I found that it is vital to exercise the mind. It has been really rewarding to listen to the podcast during my drive to work (since the year 2015), reading for 20-min daily and this might be another that I wanted to add in to my list getting inspired with one of my “virtual role model” @jaltucher  to think of 10-ideas daily; good or bad as long as it is an idea. Of course, maybe I should start with a good question to as for the 10-ideas daily. It is a good way for me to get myself updated on knowledge and exercise the creative part of myself.

Emotional to choose to spend the most of my time with the people that I love. The people that mean the most to me. Spend the time wisely on the right focus area. Will connect more to the positive people. Also to cut those negative people that drag me down in my energy. Started 10-min meditation since 2014. It gets myself calm and focus every morning. When I’m really lost, breathing, focus, calm and relax helps a lot.

I quote from my teacher, “For every life situation there is a positivity in it”. Thus, always appreciate and feel gratitude on the positivity and what is given to us. Even the air I breath in is a blessing. The health that I have now. I am counting blessing and gratitude every day.

Thanks to all my family and friends that are here not just to support me. And also make me feel human.

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