DECISION. It is a crucial piece of action that you take every day. The first thing in the morning, you’re making the decision to wake up or not to wake up. Before lunchtime, you are making a decision; Who to have lunch with? Where are you going for lunch?

Making the right decision is not a talent that you have. Making a decision (good or bad) is what you do. It is your action rather than your talent.

The thought of making a decision.

The BEST decision at a given point of time. A decision is made based on the information and best knowledge that we have at that moment. You are given few options; every option has its pros and cons. Therefore, make the best judgement and pick the best available option.

Long Term and Short Term Decision. There is a big long-term decision that you made today, it must be supported by aligning your short-term decision to reach your desired goal. Multiple short-term decision which is on the right path would ultimately lead you to your desired outcome.

Decide. Fail fast. Learn Fast. Every decision that you make in life. It might be your best decision. On the other hand, It could be your worst ever decision. Perhaps it is a life-threatening one. Quickly learn from the good decision as well as pick up the learning from the failure. The learning of both failure and success lead to one outcome; a better decision maker in the future.

You make a LOT of decision. Decide Fast. Fail Fast. Learn Fast.

The outcome of the decision takes time. Baby steps are the momentum to move you from one point to another better point. You make a decision. As long as the decision is on the right path of better possibility, stick to that decision at all cost.

Time will prove that the decision that you make now, is your better decision. IT JUST TAKES TIMES. Most of the thing cannot happen over an hour. It might not happen over a night. Ultimately, it leads to the right outcome if the path is RIGHT.

The regret of not making a decision. Most of the time, you will regret not making that move that you should have made 1 year back. Buying the house 5-years ago before the house price goes up. Go to the vacation you love while you still have the time and energy. You look back and then you regret the decision not taken. Or you look back and you feel happy about the move that you have taken a few years back. The choice is yours to make.

Just regret of not making any decision at all. A bad and good decision are good learning that propels you to a better place.

motivational quote by Billy Chan

Listen to your heart. Make your best decision. As long as the path is right, your life is on the right track.

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