DURIAN IS A MOTIVATION, that gives me ponder for a while as well …

This morning I received a message from one of my good friend in Whatsapp. He told me a story about Durian. He started by sending me this durian photo. At first thought, I asked him, “Are you back in Penang?”. However, it is about the motivation of the great durian.

Durian is a delicious fruit. Durian tree is a tree that produces this delicious fruit. It is not rocket science to be successful. The important is if you have a land, just plant a durian tree. A 10-years old can seed the durian tree. The matter is that the right seed combines with the right method.

Most of the thing that produces an outcome in life takes time. The right question to ask now is that the decision to pursue a certain path is right or is it not the right one. The right path will lead to the right outcome that we desire.


** Do what would matter to you 5-years down the road **



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