Smith’s have published several great books. The Top 10 distinctions between entrepreneurs and employee is an easy read with great insight. Insight about the thought process that each successful people must have. However, it depends on your life experience and interpretation too.

The profound key points resonated with my belief. Yet, it reiterates my personal belief of living a purposeful life. Some of his thought really worth to put in additional thinking time to fully sponged in the essence.

The key takeaway:

#1: “Without faith… we are waiting for people to tell us what to do … and get permission for what we can do”.  A short and fruitful quote.

Do not forget to remember reminding yourself, “Never ever ever let other people tell you what you can and can’t do.” You do not need permission. Do whatever you have to do and have a faith of enjoyment of your doing and have faith in the outcome awaits.

#2: Have clear VISION of what is the key purpose of life.

#3: TIME IS MONEY …. are you exchanging it wisely? in building wealth for yourself. The more profound is that “Time is money”; An asset that you will not able to earn it back. The second more profound than the first profound is… “ARE YOU EXCHANGING IT WISELY”. Every day, people tend to steal your time away from you. Defend it. Use it wisely.

I’ll always remind myself to put my 101% on things that I believe that helps me to grow; mentally, spiritually, memory, experience and knowledge.

#4: Choosing to spend time with anyone is the most important choice. Most successful people say, “you are the average of the 5 people you are mostly around with” I found this so profound. You spend with positive people. They are building up your positivity and boost up your overall mental thought. You spend 5 min with less positive folks, I bet you will be so dragged down.

#5: “Most of the time, the issue that we face is less serious as they first appear..” – Give another thought in this sentence. Then internalize the past experience. WTH are we so worried about mistake and “imaginary” issue that never will happen.

CAN YOU RELATE TO THIS? So… Why give a damn and spend your precious time to take the matter so seriously?

#6: FAILURE is FEEDBACK !!! It is always a feedback to keep us moving and make a better decision in the future time. I’ve learned this a long time ago. But, this quote sticks very deep inside me.

#7: Be a SOLUTION FINDER and not problem solvers. Willing to spend the time to make sure the problem is no longer there in the future. During my early year, I played Chess. The essence of winning in Chess is to have a good plan of knowing 2 – 3 steps ahead. Just like solving things. Try to find the solution and not a temporary patch for the issue. Always think long term. The good question would be, “is it what I’m doing now will help me 5 years down the road”. If your answer is no, pull the handbrake. STOP. REFLECT. and REACT. Remember point #3 TIME IS MONEY.

#8: Be a learner and limit your entertainment; which is a momentary release of pressure. It did not take discipline to obtain this. It takes a good habit. The problem is not having enough time, but really, it is about not having enough clarity of our direction. The shortcut is always the easily accessible entertainment such as Facebook (checking out friend’s feed), Instagram, YouTube etc.

That is why I had aggressively reduced (approximately eliminate) my Facebook time. It helps in a certain way however a human always gets temptation of other “devil”. I will work on finding my direction for sure.


Quote #1

” Your mindset is more important than your bank account as a measure of your financial future”

Quote #2

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”


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The Top 10 Distinctions Between Entrepreneurs and Employees


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