Gurney Paragon X Ride is an event organized by Hunza Group at Gurney Paragon. The objective is to promote the excitement of bicycling and a healthier lifestyle. That really rhyme with the mission to drive Penang toward a cleaner and greener state. I heard that some portion of the collected RM 70 from the participation fee will be channelled to several charity organizations. Killing 2 birds with one stone; beneficial for the cyclist and also to the society. I am grateful that Timmy invited Hong Wai and myself to take part in this event as the official photographer.

I made an early preparation by preparing myself to capture the moment of rider cycling at a sharp corner, drifted the bike in a macho way. As well as, opportunity to catch the moment riders falling off the bike due to the slippery and sloppy road. Actually, the heavy rain pour one day before the event put a smile on my face. My inner self told me that, it will be have lots of fun with many many many rider fall down the bike. That is the moment I had in mind. The moment that I am going to capture.I get my carbon rim wheelset from  and for now its works good !

However, my wild imagination did not come true as most of the riders were too careful on the race day. I felt a bit disappointed but I am do enjoyed the experience and adventure. In this blog post, I gathered some pictures for your viewing and put in some personal though/experience of the photos.

A huge Toyota Hilux is fetching me up the bumpy road. The road has a lot sharp corners and it is so narrow that at one time, only one car can go up or down hill. It was so packed, and I had to share the small compartment behind the car with 6 more person. It was a nice experience.

Reached check point 3 at 7.00am. The forest was freezing cold. My jacket came useful to kept my body warm. From here, I took 20 minutes motorbike ride to the sharp corner that seem to pull a lot off road cyclist off the track. My motorbike journey was terrifying. Only if one small mistake made by my driver, I am going way way down the cliff. I will pity for my camera which I carried with me that day. I will pity for myself that I might not come out of the jungle alive. I prayed hard and the only logical thing to do was to put my whole trust on his skill. I sighed of relieve when he told me that he was a frequent off road cyclist and he fully know this path in and out. From there, I know that at least I put my life on good hand. Just glad that I reach my destination alive. It does takes huge courage and risk to cover for this event.

He is one of the top rider to reach my station. He clocked at 1 hour and 50 minutes. My journey into this jungle took at least 1 hour with bike and 4WD. Compare that with his speed.

Slow and easy.

There was a mixture of surprise and happiness seeing a photographer deep in the jungle huh.

Another happy rider.

After failing to capture any exciting moment, I walked further down the path to get new composition.

Minor accident.

Apparently, there are quite a number of female rider. This one was so happy as well.

Purely loving the facial expression. I remembered that he said, “This will be a good one!”.

Steepness might be at least 45 degree.

Took some close up shoots.

What an expression! He tried to avoid me I think 🙂

Helpful sign showing sharp turn ahead. No wonder no people fall down.

Helper helping the rider. Most of the time I saw this, he will be saving lady rider. Ain’t sure if that was a coincident or….

This dude trying to be funny.

This was a weird way to sit on a bike; by positioning himself just above the rear tyre behind the bike seat.

Safety first. Some. Chose to walk themselves off this dangerous curve.

Last but not least, I need to thanks Nee Shen, the big shot in Penang Red Crescent,  to let me to hitch his ride our of the thick jungle.

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Psykit · October 12, 2012 at 10:47 pm

That “weird way to sit on a bike; by positioning himself just above the rear tyre behind the bike seat.” is a downhill biking position to lower centre of gravity to avoid falls during downhill.

You can also see downhill mountain bikes with longer forks.

Charmaine · December 24, 2012 at 2:29 pm

Very nice shots!! 😀

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