Congratulation to this lovely couple way back till the end of 2011. Working with both of them is so much fun as they are very entertaining and humorous. Please enjoy the moment I had with them on my short blog post.

Bibie had a nice hand deco. Really liking the detail of it.

Hand deco from the another angle.

Playful moment. Groom acting professional in makeup.

Final touch and Bibie is good to go 🙂

The wedding gown.

The wedding ring.

Shaking shaking before it explode.

Yam Seng session.

Kelvin is so happy receiving gift from his relatives and friends.

Funny guy.

Now, I know why they are so similiar. Both of them can really dance.

Posing with his best dancing buddy.

They are really a lovely couple.

Individual pose. Happy happy.

Bibie posing with her makeup artist.

The hand is getting heavier so do the pocket I would think.

Family photo.

Bibie’s brother and sister.

Kelvin with his hardcore fans. Haha.

The first dance by Kelvin and Bibie.

Face full of excitement and joy.

Self promoting.

Last minute casual portrait with them.

Both of them really have a nice smile with them.

This had come to the end of the series. Lastly, I truly wish both of this couple a happy marriage and loving each other until the end of life. Keep on the great smile personality.

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Signing off and will be posting more photos for you guys. Another thing, do check out their pre-wedding album photos on this link.

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