Both Giap Yong (known as GY) and Ming Hooi are a lovely and friendly couple. GY is truly a humble person from the way he talk to everyone. His friendly personality is something worth mentioning too. I worked together with psykit for GY’s wedding ceremony. The wedding dinner is held at Pearl Island Country Club, Penang. While the actual wedding day is scheduled on the following day. All the photos captured for the entire 2 days event is arranged in chronological order. Enjoy the photos and follow Giap Yong and Ming Hooi’s wonderful wedding ceremony.

The ring.

I like the morning light shine on the shoe.

Ming Hooi is making up for her special day.

While GY is waiting impatiently, watching her from a distance.

Main table of Pearl Palace Restaurant. The location is very strategic with a view of SP Setia residential houses thru the crystal clear window. If you are lucky, there might be airplane flying over from Penang Airport.

Cute teddy bear deco on the cake.

This is the rest of the cake.

One of the early comer.

One happy old folks.

That is Ming Hooi and her sister. Yup, that is her dad.

Sisters, you don’t need to be so serious.

Ming Hooi’s Sister with her bf. And the right is her with her younger sis.

Shy little kid.

Bride and groom march in.

The Guitarist.

This is the band.

Little playful kid. Once you point a camera on him, he will equip with funny faces and expressions.

This is GY’s brother, GH and his wife Junnie.

GY and friends.

Both of them are being mesmerized by the performance from their relatives and friends.

The sister’s performance. So talented in music.

Cake cutting ceremony.

Champagne popping.  GY is a bit cautious in this activity.

Ming Hooi is too happy to stop laughing the whole night.

Everyone, raising their glasses filled with drink for a toast. Yum……Yum…..Yum……. Seng. It should go with 3 times of yum before the Seng.

“I wanted to thank my parent for bring me up. And also Ming Hooi’s parent for taking care of her. I just want to thank everybody who attended my meaningful wedding ceremony”, GY.

Encouraging GY to get a baby soon after his wedding.

GY close family and relatives.

Camera phone in action.

“1 small glass of unknown-mixed drink won’t be troubling me”, GY.

Lim ah …..

GY is going for another glass of beer.

It is about 10.30pm at night when guests started to go back.

MH’s sister’s is carrying his sleepy-tired looking son. Poor little kid.

Friends group shots.

She is surprised of something. Getting married?

GY’s family photo.

Ming Hooi’s family photo.

Some random shots of GY and Ming Hooi’s new house.

I really like the photo deco on the wall. Telling all the nice wonderful time they have together when they are young.

The “heng tai”.

GY is preparing his troop while Ming Hooi is making herself up.

Small group of “zhi mui”.

Dad and mom helped with the dress up. He is really for battle.

All the best son.

Arriving at destination.

All brothers is preparing for war with the zhi mui.

Boss in the middle is giving instructions.

This is so hilarious.

Guide to get the bride.

Look so puzzled with the guide.

The big guy must be underestimated the weight and did not realize that gravity exists.

Please open the door. Everyone shouted.

GY is still waiting impatiently.

“This is the final call, if not I am going home ^_^”, GY.

Now I can see my lovely wife.

Flower for you.

GY look so happy.

Best man got flower from lovely girl as well.

Tea for mom and dad.

Grandma is super-happy. I am amazed with the speeches that she gave at her age. She looks old but not the mind and heart.

Sister so happy getting ang bao (red packet).

Kids are especially happy to get some money.

Look at this one.

Camera phone in action again.

Huge family shots.

Departing to their new house.

This is their ride.

Blessing for Buddha.

Tea for mom and dad first.

Ming Hooi is so happy to get few bracelet and necklace from mom.

GY also got a huge ring from dad.

Show off.

Mark is trying to be funny by talking in Chinese. While Hui Fen can’t resist to laugh at it.

Kids on the line.

Where is the ang bao.

Family portrait.

Final stage. GY happily standing by the door.

Kid open up for ang bao and blessing the couple.

He is then invited to jump on the bed to bless the couple with fertility.

Wishing both of you A house full of sunshine, Hearts full of cheer, Love that grows deeper each day of the year.

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Psykit · September 5, 2011 at 12:05 am

Nice capture, but some of the photos seem to be taken by someone else ^_^ but now has your signature in it.

As usual, not all photos are loading on my side. Only first few photos.

Billy Chan · September 5, 2011 at 9:09 am

Credit should go to you as well .. ^_^

That is weird that the photos doesn’t shown. I’ll try to check on different browsers.

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