Accompanying 2 bosses to Batu Feringgi for souvenir  shopping. First time to walked the whole stretch roadside-stalls. I believe that is it about 1 kilometer. Here, it is famous for its cheap DVDs. Ironically, I hardly notice any DVD stalls. Erm, maybe just one or two of those. Are they keeping themselves low profile and out of the eye of the law. By just gaze around you are able to find various attractive, colorful and eye candy goodies. But they are totally not cheap. The starting price for most of the items are pretty high though. They are unwilling to drop even a penny. Perhaps, they know that the 2 foreigners that walked with me will afford the price. Check out my simple night capture of Batu Feringgi.

One attractive stall selling lanterns and lights. The lantern is priced at RM 25 but easily reduced to RM 23.

The Flintstones.

Is it poor business for the day?

Like that caption, “Victamin A to Z” and “Smell like toilet, taste like ice cream”. The second one is not a good words for promotion.

Souvenir galore.

Ain’t cheap restaurant. Tarbush.

It was an tiring walk. Our walk from one end to the other end and back to where we started, took us 2 hours. Yeah. I skipped my exercise session that day but I believe that this will be more than enough for me. Reached home to get my sleep at 12 am. Nothing much special this week and do hope that you guys find this informative.

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Psykit · August 6, 2011 at 9:35 pm

Nice capture of the night market scene, although the pages loaded slow and one of your image 20110728_0583-copy.jpg cannot be displayed.

Billy Chan · August 6, 2011 at 9:38 pm

Thanks buddy …. Should spend sometime optimize my site…
I had all mine displayed correctly …

It is loaded after refresh ?

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