Short trip to Malacca attending wedding of my Uni mate. Please do enjoy some of the memories taken on this trip.

Malacca famous Christ Church. Spot which you definitely need to drop by if you are in Malacca.

This is crazy. People are queuing up for the famous chicken rice ball.

I didn’t follow the crowd to wait for the so-called “famous chicken rice ball” at the corner shop. This is what I had which is just a stone throw away from the massive queue. Taste might not be identical but it is good enough to cure my hungry stomach. Good food indeed.

Shop along Jonker walk. Renovation in progress.

Jonker Gallery spotted along Jonker Walk. Estimated 10 shops like those along the street. The boss might be earning a fortune. By the way, the souvenirs or clothing sold there is nice. Worth to walk in to have a look.

Another queue for the famous Melaka Cendol. Alright, I do go for this one. Super recommended by my friends. You might have to wait for patrons in the shop to leave before there is a seat for you. 10 minutes wait for me šŸ™

Melaka cendol. Yummy Yummy. Thanks Jerry for the treat ^_^

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