Went up the hill with a train which measured 735m (2,411ft) above sea level. This might be something rare in other country, but yeah. It only cost RM8 to buy a 2 way ticket up and down of Penang Hill. It takes about 15 minutes to hike and about 10 minutes to come down. There is a choice, you can hike up the hill if you want, but I am willing to dig out the extra RM 8 for this service. Follow my photo blog.

Railway track.

Inside the tunnel.

David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terraces. Prebook buffet lunch.

View in front of the mansion with beautiful lotus pond.

Nice weather to have a cup of tea under the tree surrounded by fresh green landscape.

Interior of the restaurant.

Fire place.

Pre-booked buffet which cost RM 35 (if I’m not mistaken) per person. I had spaghetti, apple pie, sandwich, bread with butter and strawberry jam together with a cup of coffee.

My cream stuffed bread.

Gate to David Brown’s Restaurant.


Mansion which I did not know who the owner is. heard from the tour guide that there are approximate 80 bungalows on top of Penang Hill. So many rich people huh.

RM 5 admission fee for bird park. Small bird park with 20 or less birds. This is one friendly bird.

Naughty bird. It will bite your finger off if you put one in the cage.

Even the cage is it’s victim.


Ants invasion.


Un-airconditioned hotel which cost RM 168 per night.

Pre-war canon.

Indian temple.

Even have post office.

It is holiday. Look at those cute little kid.

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Maria White…

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