My first trip to Bangkok, Thailand with a bunch of funny friend and my girl friend. Personally, I found that the people are nice and the foods are delicious yet cheap. The hot weather is the only point that will be on my complaint list. However, it worth every single sweat I shed. The local time is about 8am when I reached Suvarnabhumi Airport . On the first day of our trip, we took BTS to Mo Chit station. We walked for 5 min to the largest market in the whole Thailand, Chatuchak Weekend Market. Chatuchak have a wide variety of delicious food for us to try out. Not to mention the artistic Thai art and craft also can be found easily here. The best part, they are sold at a relative cheap price (*negotiation skills is needed).

This is how it look like when we are at the BTS station.

Street photo of Chatuchak market. Not much photo taken here as it is raining when we were here.

Our next destination is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It is located about 1 hour ride from Bangkok City by van driven by a very skillful young woman driver. This, is the entrance to floating market. It look exactly like the ancient jetty we have over here in Penang. Perhaps, a bit older.

We ride on this long boat for 10 min to the floating market.

Look at the residential house is constructed on the river bank. Probably, on the river.

Over crowded floating market.To my guess, there are roughly 60% Thais and 40% tourist there. I can easily locate some Malaysian too. I am shocked to see that the green-colored water underneath the boat is so convenient and useful. The traders even use it to clean their knife and used bowl.So lucky not to get a diarrhea from consuming the food by paddler.

Taken from where we had our lunch.

Most of the transaction is done from this small paddle boat. Our boat ride is THB 150 per person for 20 min.

Beautiful Thai craft being sold here. However, the price can’t be any cheaper than the one in Chatuchak market.

On the evening, we took a buffet cruise ride to have scenic view along Maenam Chao Phraya. THB 1000 per person is the price to pay for 2 hours ride on this luxurious boat.

View of Wat Arun Rajwararam aka “Temple of the Dawn” from our cruise.

One scary masked-man appeared from no where. He scared the shit out of us. I might whack him up if he is not performing on the boat. You better watch out.

Apparently, this pretty chic is the wife of that devil. What a waste huh.

The guy clad on purple dress is so sexy and “smooth”. He is so pretty, can’t believe my eye.

Quick pose before boarding the cruise. Note: they are not taking the same boat as us.

MBK Center shopping. MBK must be one of the largest shopping mall.

Random shoots inside of Central World.

Random street photography.

Finally, bump into Canon’s chic in Pantip Plaza.

Bangkok surely is a nice place to visit. They will be expecting me again.

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