Pro-shooter Leong Wei Heng aka “sifu”. Look at the way he hold the shotgun. Believe me that this is not an easy “gun” that you think it is; just imagine that this gun weighted at 8lb or 3.5kg (minus the bullet). The event that I am covering for that day is “Soon Cheng Sai Trophy 2011” happening at Kulim Shooting Club. This might be something new to everyone to think that shooting isn’t legal in Malaysia. Actually, they are illegal to own a gun or even a piece of bullet (if the police found that in your house, you will be pretty deep shit). Unless with proper permits from the government, you can actually own them legally. Please do not misuse this to kill any innocent people like me 🙂 Getting the permit is one of the hassle, the next is to get your cash dry to purchase one. A piece of information from my friend is that the most basic gun priced at RM 30,000. That will be the bad news. The good news is that Kulim Shooting Club actually provide the facility to loan their guns to anyone who interested to join with lifetime member fee of one thousand plus per person. By this, you will be able to shoot legally for life.

Here, I drafted some basic information of the game (with lots of help from Chin Tung Yan, who is the organizer of the event)

Shooting pose of Mr Organizer. He is responsible for the promotion and advertisement of this shooting club too. One important photography tips to shoot this is to really ask the gunner to check their gun to ensure that no bullet is loaded and safety trigger is lock. Because you don’t want to be on the front cover of the newspaper right. Next, I put down some basic game information.

Game Name:
Olympic Trap
Game information and jargon:
1 squadron will consist of 6 shooters. Each shooter will shoot a total of 25 clay pigeons for 1 detail (detail is refer to game of 25 round). For each round, maximum 2 shots is allowed for each clay pigeon. Meaning that the shooter can shoot 1 shot if he is very accurate to hit the clay pigeon in one shot or he want to save the bullet (bullet is 80 cents each, not that cheap though).

There will be a total of 5 details for each shooter. The details is divided into 2 day event. For the first day, 3 details will be held. Followed by another 2 details for the second day. That add up to a total of 125 clay target for each shooter. Note on the clay pigeon is that it cost RM 10 for 25 clay pigeons (I think this should be 1 set). I just forget to take some photos of this “pigeon”, I know they are not adorable as the one in my previous post but they are still good to have an eye on.

Alright, back to the game. After all 5 details, only top 6 shooter will be chosen to compete in the final round with an addition of 1 detail but this time only 1 shot is allowed for each clay target. The highest accumulated total out of 150 clays target will be the CHAMPION of the day.

Gun type:
Over and under shotgun

Gun brand and make:
Perazzi mx8, made in Gordone Valley, Italy
Beretta gold e, made in Gordone Valley, Italy
Beretta dt 10, made in Gordone Valley, Italy

Basic Attire:
Shooting vest (massive storage for your bullet and your towel)
Ear muff (You will go deaf or heart attack without this)
Shooting glasses (used to reduce glaring and enhance vision)

Game strategy:
training, training and more training (This is what Chin told me)
This is my version: pull the trigger and pray

Done with my lengthy explanation, below are be some action shoots of the event.

Beijing 2008, wow. May be he is one of the participant.

Observe how the shotgun is handled when it is not being used. Safety 101, always expose the bullet compartment when the gun is not in shooting mode. This is very important so that no one get hurt.

The top 6 shooters.

Scoreboard. Explanation: white indicate on target hit and red indicate misses. Very simply huh. To win the game, collect as much white as possible.

Not to miss, 2 lovely admins.

And also, small kid.

The speaker look-a-like device is to trigger the clay pigeon to shoot into a random position. The basket are obviously there for the empty bullets.

Shooting ground.

Empty bullets.

Artistic view of the shotguns.

My friend (Peh Kok Yong aka Ah Boy) holding his gun (as usual).

This might be used for promotion and advertisement purposes.

One big happy shooter’s family.

A bit of personal experience from me, handling the shotgun. The first trigger is the one that you have the most blood rushing out from my heart. I can feel that my palm is sweaty and hand is shaking due to the weight of the gun. I pick up the gun, fill in the bullet and close it to be in a standby position. This is fully guided by Sifu Leong Wei Heng so it should be 100% safe. Sifu instructed me to mount the shotgun against my chest. At first I mounted it against my right arm but this is totally wrong and inaccurate as my primary eye is my left eye. Therefore, I need to switch to mount it on my left chest instead. This is totally not normal to me to pull the trigger with my left hand. I mount, un-mount and remount again and again just to get the feel of mounting the gun. This basic is very important to gather my confident on handling the gun. After I feel the confident toward myself and the gun, I mount the gun for the last time and switch the safety pin to fire position. Aim directly at the target and slowly place my left-hand index finger to the trigger. I take a deep breath and pull the trigger. Bang!! Few hundreds tiny bullet separated from the bullet case but totally miss the target. That is my “virgin” shoot that miss the target. The moment when I pulled the trigger, I can feel the inertia from the shoot that push my body back. I still can feel the loud sound generated by the shoot at the tip of my ear.

This mix reaction of excitement and fear make me wanted to take another shoot. Sifu give some encouragement words to me, saying that this is my first shoot and it is pretty good already (If I were him, that is the exactly words that I would say too 🙂 ). I get the shotgun reloaded for the second time. Aim directly under the target for about 2 inch and place my “excited” index finger on the same trigger again. And bang !!! This time I get a perfect shoot directly on target.

What an interesting experience. Hope that this simple blog post will give you guys informational facts on trap shooting and also some photography examples.

Billy Chan

I am a simple guy. Think Simple. Work Simple.


Clay shooting · December 1, 2010 at 9:19 pm

I love the shots, they are great! It sounds like you had a great day and yes this has given me some good informational facts, thank you!

Billy Chan · December 2, 2010 at 8:36 am

Glad that you like my blog post. This is kinda simple explanation. Saw that you are giving clay shooting classes?

Erwan · April 11, 2011 at 8:49 pm

Dear Bro,
I’m a newbie and looking forward to join any shooting club, perhap this Kulim Shhoting Club suit me………….if there any addtional info for me to refer ??Hope that our kind bro can help me out..thanks · November 13, 2011 at 5:33 pm

helo sir…how much do have to pay for membership..?

Billy Chan · November 14, 2011 at 6:51 am

Julius, the lifetime fee should be a thousand plus.
But you will need to get your own bullet for your training.

Mike · April 16, 2012 at 8:56 am

Hi Billy, do you still keep the contact of the shooting range? Would like to organize similar event as I see most of you enjoyed it a lot 🙂 Thanks

Chandra · April 25, 2012 at 10:56 am


Would really love to take up shooting as a hobby.

Can someone provide details.

Thank You,

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