Somewhere near Kelana Jaya there lies one pretty nice seafood restaurant. The shop is hidden very deep inside Kelana Jaya. Here is some shoot of the place and the foods.

smoking area

The side of the restaurant.


The entrance of the main door.

The Seafood on Display

Display of the seafood.

small pond

Kerai Sungai

1kg cost 150 ..

Alaska King Crab

This look pretty delicious but is not in my budget.

My Family

This is where I seat.

sweet and sour

First dish, sweet and sour mantis shrimp.


Nice soup.


Salty pork.

Fried Sotong

Fried Sotong.


Sweet and sour fish.

Lady Finger

Mixture of 3 types of beans.

Neon Signboard

Shoot before leaving the restaurant.

Recommended this place if you want to have reasonable seafood somewhere around PJ area.

Billy Chan

I am a simple guy. Think Simple. Work Simple.

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youliang · June 22, 2009 at 11:59 am

hey this place looks great. i havent tried it out before.. looks like unique seafood restaurant style of displaying the seafood xD

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