This is Arun. He is one of the cool, kind-hearted and also smart dude who we proudly have in our department. Not to mention his Bollywood-like-macho look. Sadly, I just got to know him for quite sometimes and then he already told me with his news that he is going to leave Intel pretty soon. I have learn lots of things from him; such as his programming knowledge, electronic stuff and also great sharing of his movie critiques. Here is some shoot of this amazing soul.



Following is the Linux folks. We are the member who frequently hang out together.


First and foremost, here is Joseph; our Linux tai kor.


Here is idzwan aka Linux-Kernel-Hacker. Gosh, I miss out the photo of Lau and also me during this farewell. But anyhow we have a group photo after that.


group shoot

They are having a nice time eating while i am busy taking photos.

complete group photo

Full group photo.


The next session, we spend our time with some of the development folks. Thanks to Alan for making the beer-drinking session happening.


The venue is at oxo. The place near Queensbay Mall.

development folks

Some of the development folks; Arun, Alan, Douglas and Nee Shen.


Candid Shoot

The following is some of the candid shoot that taken during the session.


This is Anthony, the guy from Marketing.


Mei Yeen

Miss out Mei Yeen from the gals photo pic.

Nee Shen

Li Ching

Li Chean


Arun again

End this post with Arun’s macho look.

I really hope that he will find a better live in his own hometown and be happy always. All the best buddy. Hope you all the best and keep in touch.

Billy Chan

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