Last Thursday is the final working day for KC. The gang and me planned to celebrate his farewell in Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang. Not the whole department is coming to the dinner but it is pretty fun to have most of them there.

Evergreen Laurel Hotel

Early Comers

This is some of the early comers that come to enjoy the food. I thought that I would be the first to reach the destination, but they are far more quicker and efficient than me. Luckily there are still ample of foods.

Lip Hiang food attack

Me myself got shock on seeing my friend (Lip Hiang) going after the food. The waiter need to refill the sashimi for several round. Gosh.

Now, here is the people who make it to the party … ** Drum roll **


Here our BOSS.. Presenting KC. Very kind and funny guy.


Phillip Felix looks so innocent.

Lip Hiang

Lip Hiang, if you going to buffet bring him along. The whole buffet will worth the money you pay with him around. See the sashimi also look more delicious.


Chiefson aka “The Joker”. He is funny and here, he try to emphasize the taste of this leftover “Char Koew Teow”. I think you guys know what he try to stress over here.


Jimmy who look kinda blur sometimes, but you bet he is not even near to blur. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.


Mr Lau. Kind and look blur most of the time too. Don’t worry he is cool.

wooi sim

This is so un-macho. Here is Wooi Sin. I ain’t know why with the peace symbol here.


Loong aka Psykit who finally make it to the party although we nearly finish up all the food. Be late is much better then never.


Finally, this is me. Photo taken by Phillip. Okay, I wasn’t prepare for that shoot so i look a bit weird.


WARNING: Obscene photos below !!!

Here is some random photo of how wild the gang can be.


I am not sure what is happening here. It do not look so natural.


Wow. KC look equally excited as Lip Hiang was.

Mr Left and Mr Right

Everyone is so shocked with this action. I think all the patrons, waiter and waitress also so -_-“



group photo

Billy Chan

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Jimmy · April 13, 2009 at 9:44 am

Hey, brother how come my picture look so blur one? I should have a better one?

Billy Chan · April 13, 2009 at 10:19 am

Haha … This one look not bad also what ..

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