My first Fashion show event shooting. Hope you guys will enjoy it.


This section is Especially for the GUYS

pink girl

The first stunning girl in Pink.. Gosh, she is sweet both the swimsuit and the smile. Wonder if she will ever be swimming in Pisa in that.

Flower Girl

Flowerish Girl. She is Hot. Just like “cili padi”.

sponge girl

Another flower girl.

green and black

Who do you think is nicer? The one in green or the one in black. I will go for the black one ..

Hot girl in formal

Hot girl look hot, even in formal.

Black Girl

Elegant and semi formal look.

sweet sweet girl

Sexy outfit on sweet girl again..

Enough for the guys. The next section will present you the mascular and macho models.

Buckle up your seatbelt “GALS

Batu Ferringgi model

Great Body tan.

sleepy look

He must be onto something yesterday. Look kinda exhausted and not enough sleep.

Goggle man

Not a very good outfit. Black top with blue trunk, plus a goggle and slipper. I think, he will look better without the black top.


This one look much better then the previous one. Note: This model have a very sweet smile also. You will know what i mean later 🙂


Still think that he look sleepy.

cute smile

See what i mean.

black guy


sleepy guy

Sleepy guy in black and white. Love the shirt.


The Final Walk for the Models.

final walk


Billy Chan

I am a simple guy. Think Simple. Work Simple.


łıиgчz_мαиđч øħ · April 26, 2009 at 7:38 pm

great job! the photos taken is really nice for me wid the model showing off their lil tummy!! LOL~

Psykit · April 27, 2009 at 1:41 am

Nice shots you got there dude… show us some of your Queensbay Mall Model Search photos… I bet that looks good too…

Billy Chan · April 27, 2009 at 9:04 am

You bet that the model look gorgeous ..
Finding my time to do the editing 🙂

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