Billy Chan Photography

Been to Gua Tempurung few weeks back. Gua Tempurung is one of the attraction in Gopeng, Perak. Gopeng is the place where I often drop by to get my lunch/dinner on my journey to KL. The food is nice yet so cheap (as compared to Penang). OK, Cut out the food *_* Actually, I wasn't really my idea to go to Gua Tempurung but all my other colleagues wanted to go there so I just need to follow them. Picture above is the scenery inside of the cave and the subsequent photos are mainly in the cave too. The condition of the cave is dark, hot and humid, and a little bit dusty i think.

Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่) which also known as Haad Yai or Had Yai is a place located at the southern Thailand near the border of Malaysia. As the place is near to Malaysia, it only took me about 3 hours by bus (that exclude the horrible 1 hour waiting for immigration clearance) to reach this small town. The first destination is to Songkhla which well known for its Mermaid Status located at Samila Beach (แหลมสมิหลา). But, our guide pronounce this as "Si Mi Lan Beach" which crack out a loud laughter among all Penangites in the bus. That does not sound like a "good" word in Hockien :)

Famous grilled chicken. Trust me, this one taste better than it look.