Hockien Mee is one of my favourite food. This is one delicacy that I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In a single day without feeling too much; wanting for more.

The list below is the compilation of the Hokkien Mee that I frequent in Bukit Mertajam (BM) and Penang (PG) area. The list goes without any preference in order, just the time when this post is updated.


Hockien Mee #1

Location: Sri Rambai Market
Working Hour: Everyday morning (as early as 6 am) until finish around afternoon. Mostly closed on Monday.
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/gr4NNbKpreA2 (Will update with the exact shop – plan to add the location in my google map)

Specialities: Hockien soup and Loh mixed.

My all-time favourite from the friendly uncle from Sri Rambai Market. Hockien Loh ^_^

This is the stall that only appears from Morning until Afternoon.

The Hockien Mee Boss is so friendly. He is 75 years old and still strong and very positive.

Hockien Mee #2

Location: Sri Sentosa Coffee Shop
Working Hour: Everyday morning except for Thursday
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/9FnjnCkTCes 

Specialities: Hockien Dry

One of my favourite Hockien Dry in BM. Much better than the famous shop nearby.

This is the boss preparing the hockien mee. Sometimes, he is quite moody when the sales are good.

Hockien Mee #3

Location: Restaurant Wen Siang
Working Hour: TBD
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/pvnrScwFpnG2 

Specialities: Hockien Soup

The taste is quite “old-days taste”. If you know what I’m saying about the taste of hockien mee back in 1990’s.

The hockien mee done right by another passionate uncle.

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