Kelvin and Bibie Pre-Wedding

Kelvin is a friend of mine since school days. He is an adventurous school scout and had earn lots and lots of badges. Just to find empty place to stick a badge on his scout uniform is a challenge. Both Kelvin and Bibie wanted to have their pre-wedding memories taken in Kadazan traditional costume is something really special and, personally like the idea very much. Enjoy the uniqueness of Kadazan traditional pre-wedding.

Oh, they are getting married soon. Wish both of you a happy marriage until your old days.

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  1. Hi Billy, nice photo but Kelvin’s shoe is slightly out from the Theme.

  2. Thanks for the nice words . .
    Modern cum Traditional, not a bad idea. Gee!

  3. Shinju Ling

    Nice work..^_^


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