Marcus Tan Love Eunice Ng

Marcus Tan Love Eunice Ng

Photography session with Marcus and Eunice on a rainy day at Straits Quay. Strait Quay is an interesting seafront hangout place that just opened in Penang. Shady cloud make it perfect for portrait shooting as the light is just soft enough. The next good point about the weather is that my models don’t really sweat too much and this make them feel more natural throughout the whole photography session that last for about 3 hours. The only problem with Strait Quay is chairs. They do not provide any chairs for the shoppers. I wonder how will their customer can keep on walking for the whole day without the need to rest their pity legs.

Here are some of the photos from that day.

They are just so lovely.

Personally, the view here is magnificent. From there, Marcus and Eunice is looking toward the scenic ocean which is so blue and clear. There are breezy wind blowing softly towards them too.

Courting in the mall.

Like the soft and shady light again 🙂

Smile and the world will smile with you.

One person shoots for Marcus.

And another one for Eunice.

This one .. Is so candid.

“I will hold you tight. And I will not let you go”, Marcus.

Have a wonderful day with this couple. Aside from the bad weather, this photo shooting is very successful. Hope that Marcus and Eunice will be lovey lovey and love this too.

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